Three Very Good Reasons . . .   
. . . to look to a relationship as a source of personal, emotional and behavioral problems  [Read the article]

So, what's really the problem?
My wife's friend, Megan,  recently shared a story about the first time she visited a Chinese restaurant many years ago. [Read the article]

Knowing The “Rules of the Road”
Any setting, place or environment where people are found qualifies as a relationship and all relationships have rules.   [Read the article]

“Tootsie-Rolling” Your Relationships
 Recently I met my friend, Jake, at the park. He had told me on the phone that he’d adopted a dog from the shelter some months ago, and now Blaze was lying quietly at his feet. [Read the article]

Alice’s Problem 
Alice is an avid golfer, who, in her eagerness to play the game, has persuaded her husband, Joey, to join her so they could play together. [Read the article]

Status- The Hidden Risk 
There's a hidden risk in every Intimate-Marital (I-M) relationship. This hidden risk can be the cause of many, if not most, arguments that occur between people in the relationship. [Read the article]

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